What's Happening in FHSD?

KMOV visits Jamie Jobe's Biomed Class
Posted on 03/21/2015
Students in the Francis Howell School District (FHSD) are using STEM to get ahead on future careers in the biomed field, but they’re not just using books and pens to do so. They’re getting hands-on, immersive instruction in order to not only learn, but engage their senses and minds. And the local CBS station, KMOV-TV was on the scene to document the unique learning environment.  READ MORE...
Audrianna Bartholomew serenades the Coffeehouse crowd
Posted on 03/20/2015
Every year, Francis Howell North (FHN) hosts the North Street Coffee House, an opportunity for those who have the courage to step up to the mic and sing, speak, or play an instrument in front of their peers. It’s a day to get to know one another a little better, and to know what kind of talents the person you walk by in the hallway every day has been hiding. It’s a two-day event to which everyone at FHN looks forward.  READ MORE...
Sarah Zimmerman (left center)
Posted on 03/19/2015
Throughout the United States, 20,000 students take part in the InvestWrite challenge every year, a program which seeks to develop personal financial skills. And of those 20,000 students, the buck stops with one young lady from Barnwell Middle School in the Francis Howell School District (FHSD), Sarah Zimmerman. She placed in the top four of all students nationwide.  READ MORE...
Elise Gertsch (FHN, pictured left) and Charity Dorsey (CPA, right), new friends
Posted on 03/18/2015
Students at Francis Howell North (FHN) High School welcomed peers from Confluence Preparatory Academy (CPA) in St. Louis City on March 3. It was a day to team up, and to learn more about each other. Stemming from the Student Summit on Race Relations, these students are taking the first step toward improving relations in schools and the Metro Area, in general. These students could truly make a difference.  READ MORE...
Posted on 03/17/2015
The bane of the boring book, the author known as Dr. Seuss, and his humorous style have inspired kids – big and small – to read. And at Henderson Elementary, Dr. Seuss’s legacy continues, as students from Francis Howell North (FHN) High School came over to read to the elementary students in honor of Read Across America Week. This was yet another creative and engaging way schools in the Francis Howell School District (FHSD) are reinforcing the importance of reading.  READ MORE...
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