What's Happening in FHSD?

Olivia Brock's artwork on display at Foundry
Posted on 10/09/2015
The annual “Mentor Me” program gives a chance for teachers and students to collaborate on an artistic exhibition. Six Francis Howell School District (FHSD) students, three from Barnwell Middle School and Bryan Middle School respectively, teamed up with teachers from those schools to participate in the show. It’s a chance to not only recognize these students for their creativity and imagination, but also an opportunity to recognize what FHSD schools are doing to help students develop their skills in fine arts. You don’t have to be Monet or Van Gogh; you just have to love art.  READ MORE...
Board Action Report
Posted on 10/08/2015
Stay informed about the recent Board of Education actions.   READ MORE...
Posted on 10/06/2015
The Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award is distributed annually to approximately one hundred educators in the Metro Area, from college professors to kindergarten teachers. It’s an award that seeks to honor those who are examples of excellence in their field. The Francis Howell School District (FHSD) is proud to announce two of our teachers were chosen to receive the award, Sally Black and Matthew Riffee.  READ MORE...
FHSD award-winners stand with Board of Education members
Posted on 10/05/2015
The Developmental Disabilities Resource Board (DDRB) in St. Charles County has collaborated with the Francis Howell School District (FHSD) since 1991, and this year FHSD is one of just four agencies to receive the “Outstanding Community Partner Recognition” award from DDRB. It is a sign not only of the outstanding reporting done by FHSD’s staff members, Jill Orr and Jessica Hellebusch, but also a testament to their hard work and dedication to seeking the best supports for students with disabilities.  READ MORE...
FHSD Celebrates Custodian Appreciation Day
Posted on 10/01/2015
October 2 is National Custodial Workers Recognition Day! It is a day to show appreciation to custodial workers in the Francis Howell School District (FHSD).   READ MORE...
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