The Francis Howell School District uses formal assessment data to monitor student progress and program effectiveness through early childhood screening, health screening, state-required achievement assessments, assessments for program planning and assessments to determine student eligibility for special programs. The District also administers standardized tests to monitor progress in general academic achievement and to measure the effectiveness of District programs. Additionally, the District has developed local assessments to provide practice for the Missouri Assessment Plan (MAP), End of Course (EOC) and to assess areas not measured by the MAP.

The Francis Howell School District believes that the core purpose of assessment is to enhance student learning. A comprehensive, multifaceted approach to assessment is necessary to provide educators with a complete picture of individual student performance as well as program effectiveness.

Formal assessments in the Francis Howell School District are administered to benefit students both directly and indirectly. These assessments benefit students directly when they document individual achievement and progress, and when they identify specific areas of academic strength and weakness. Indirect benefits are obtained when formal assessment data are used to revise and improve educational programs. This data also provides educators with information about instructional effectiveness in relation to student learning.

Francis Howell students will have opportunities to demonstrate what they know and can do on various standardized tests throughout their years in the district. These formal assessments provide a “snapshot” of student performance at a given place and time. To complete the picture of student progress, daily ongoing assessment, embedded in the teaching process and used to provide regular feedback, will also be conducted as an essential means to enhance student learning.

Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Testing

Grade-Level Assessments
March 30 – May 22, 2015 is the Grade Level Assessment testing window provided by DESE. The Grade Level Assessments are given in grades 3-8 in the areas of Mathematics and Communication Arts and in grades 5 and 8 in Science. New in the 2014-15 school year will be the administration of these tests online.

End of Course Exams    
The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requires the MAP End of Course (EOC) Assessments for Algebra I, English II, Biology I, and Government. These assessments will be given to students enrolled in the courses teaching similar content and skills. These tests are not specific to any grade level, but rather to course content.  Students taking Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II in middle school will take the EOC exam for that course while they are enrolled in the course.  The testing windows are as follows:

  • Fall:        October 6, 2014 - January 23, 2015
  • Spring:    February 23, 2015 - May 22, 2015

Learn more about End of Course Exams. 

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has additional tests given to students in the Francis Howell School District. To see a listing of state required tests and the students that these assessments are given to, please go the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website and click on the Assessment link.

The ACT is one of America's most widely accepted college entrance exam. It assesses high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, the Francis Howell School District will be participating in the ACT Statewide Test Administration. This administration of the ACT will be required for all juniors, unless participation is excluded in the student's IEP. The Statewide administration will be result in an official ACT score and students will be able to designate colleges or universities they wish to have receive their scores. 

The testing date for the ACT is Tuesday, April 28, 2015 with a make-up date set for Tuesday, May 12, 2015.
Assessment Plan
The Francis Howell School District 2015-16 Assessment Plan document details the instruments and strategies used to monitor the quality of the District’s instructional program, guidance services, and screenings for participation in special programs. It also provides an overview of the assessments given at each grade level, along with the estimated time of year the tests are given.