Online Backpack - eFlyers

Many flyers, announcements and promotional literature are submitted to the district with requests to send home to our families. Prior to creating the online backpack flyer distribution program, the District had policies and procedures in place that limited the materials students were able to take home to their families.

In an effort to improve those policies, save backpack space and paper, as well as enhance communication with students, parents, and the community the Francis Howell School District (FHSD) launched a flyer distribution webpage, called Online Backpack.

The Online Backpack webpage is a paperless means of distributing flyers, newsletters and other important notices that your student would normally bring home in their backpacks. Just one simple click and you will be able to access all communication and promotional efforts from our website throughout the school year.

Collectively FHSD will save money, countless hours of sorting and handling flyers and reduce the amount of paper being distributed saving our natural resources. This new approach will help FHSD be responsible caretakers of the planet, heighten community awareness and participation in environmentally responsible behavior and create an interest in environmentally responsible practices.