Guidance Counseling

The Educational Support Counselor Program is a voluntary service offered by the Francis Howell School District to assist students and their families. The purpose of this program is to help students who are coping with special issues so that they may also experience success in school. Reasons for referrals may include, but are not limited to: poor school attendance; aggressive and non-compliant behavior; difficulties in maintaining attention; motivational problems; conflicts with other students or staff; grief related issues; self-injurious behaviors; etc. The emphasis is placed on providing brief, solution-focused interventions utilizing the strengths of the family. Depending on the student’s individual situation, time-limited counseling may be offered and the counselor may also link the family to appropriate resources in the community. Referrals to the Educational Support Counselor Program may be initiated by the school staff, a parent/guardian, or by the students themselves through the student's guidance counselor. The Educational Support Counselors also assist the district students with crisis intervention services as needed.

For additional information on the Educational Support Counselor Program, please contact the Counseling/Guidance office of your child’s school, or Rhonda Wurm, Guidance and Educational Support Counselor Leader, at 636-851-4861.