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Curriculum & Assessment

While curriculum and resources are approved by the Board of Education to be used throughout the District, teachers are trained to be responsive to the individual needs of their students. As a result, lessons will vary from classroom to classroom. Questions about lesson plans and how resources are used are best directed to your child's classroom teacher. If you have additional questions, please send an email to and a member of the district curriculum team will contact you.

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Elementary Curriculum

Dr. Chris Garland
Director of Elementary & Middle Schools

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Secondary Curriculum

Dr. Lucas Lammers
Director of Curriculum & High Schools

Curricula for core classes are posted below.  If there is an additional course you would like to review, please send an email to so a copy can be shared with you and added to the website.

Please be aware that some of the documents listed below may present accessibility barriers for individuals with disabilities. We understand the importance of providing content in formats that are accessible to all users. If you encounter any difficulties in accessing the documents or require them in a different format, please do not hesitate to contact


FHSD uses formal and informal assessment data to monitor student progress and measure program effectiveness. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate what they know and can do on various standardized tests throughout their years in the District. These formal assessments provide a “snapshot” of student performance at a given place and time. To complete the picture of student progress, daily ongoing assessment – embedded in the teaching process and used to provide regular feedback – will also be conducted as an essential means to enhance student learning. 

Standardized assessments include:

  • Missouri Assessment Plan (MAP) grade-level assessments
  • End of Course (EOC) exams
  • FastBridge Reading and Math assessments
  • ACT

Additionally, FHSD has developed local assessments to provide practice for MAP and EOC testing, and to assess areas not measured by the MAP. Read more in the District Assessment Plan.

Course Registration

Beginning each year in January, current middle and high school students select courses for next school year. View the enrollment guides.

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Curriculum Team & Content Leaders