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Special Education

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The Francis Howell School District provides a free and appropriate education to every child who has been identified as eligible according to the criteria outlined in the Missouri state education plan for Special Education. Special Education and related services for preschool-aged children are referred to as Special Education.

Special education services are available to eligible students from ages 3 through 21 who experience disabilities and require specially designed instruction. Individual special education programs are cooperatively developed by an individual education planning (IEP) team which includes parents, teachers, administrators and, when appropriate, other specialists. The IEP team reviews an individual student's functional and academic performance to develop appropriate individual long-term goals and short-term objectives for the child to achieve during a one-year period.

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Dr. Will Vanderpool
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The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has developed a Parents' Bill of Rights for parents of a child with a disability.

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Bill of Rights