Elected Officials

Tips for Communicating with Elected Officials

Elected officials at all levels of government want to hear from their constituents. When it comes time to vote on legislation, elected officials look to their constituents to get a sense of what the voters would like them to do.

Technology has increased our access to elected officials and, consequently, the volume of constituent communication received by our representatives at the state and federal level. Due to the increased amount of contact, legislators depend on their staff to help sort through and organize incoming constituent concerns. Whether you choose to write a letter, make a phone call, or schedule an in-person visit, the guidelines listed below will make your communication more effective.

  • Identify yourself. Include your full name and address so you are easily identified as a constituent. Make sure the legislator is aware that you live or do business in his/her district. Elected officials are most concerned with the views of their voters.
  • Be specific and brief. State upfront why you are writing/calling. Refer to bill numbers whenever possible. Focus on one central issue and indicate what action you would like him or her to take.

  • Personalize your message. Provide one or two reasons why you are making your request. If appropriate, include personal information about why this issue matters to you.

  • Close by restating your request, and indicating that you look forward to receiving a response from the elected official.

  • Email has become a popular, cost-effective and quick way to share personal views with elected officials. Because of these benefits, legislators receive a high volume of electronic communication. When sending an email, be sure to include the bill number in the subject line. This will help ensure your message receives proper consideration.

    Please use the Missouri Legislator Lookup to find your State Representative and/or Senator. 

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