John Weldon Elementary Hosts First Turkey Luncheon

Posted on 11/22/2016
John Weldon Elementary Hosts First Turkey Luncheon

John Weldon Elementary, part of the Francis Howell School District (FHSD), hosted its first-ever Turkey Luncheon, inviting families from the school community to join them in feasting and fellowship. And the level of excitement over this event was only equaled by its attendance, as thousands of people poured in and out of the John Weldon cafeteria.

Parents and grandparents were pleased to join students for a meal, and staffers were just as delighted to have so many families involved with their child’s school. Staff ended up serving 1,114 plates to happy and hungry families. Students helped bring desserts and plates to the tables for guests, brought drinks, and cleaned up the mess (and that may be a lesson any mom and dad would be glad to see their son or daughter learn).

JW ThanksgivingThe visitors kept talking about how great it was to be able to share in the fellowship of school family before they dive into the sometimes hectic, leafy whirlwind of the Thanksgiving holiday. “This is my first lunch event at John Weldon,” said Curtis Wilburn, a visiting parent, with his daughter smiling next to him, “and it’s really great. The kids serving are all so attentive, getting us drinks and removing the plates. It’s awesome. The food’s great, and ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ is just the feeling you get!”

Other parents bountifully agreed. Katie Hunsaker said, “This is our first year here at John Weldon, and we’re really excited because our old school didn’t do anything like this. Family meal time is something that people don’t do enough of. And so this is a great opportunity to just get kids to sit down at a table with their parents and have a meal.”

JW ThanksgivingAnd that’s exactly it – if families have fewer chances to sit down and have a meal together these days, then schools can help by offering that opportunity. John Weldon Principal Bryan Howse was grateful to be behind the counter, wearing his chef’s hat and serving up turkey to beaming smiles. “This is what it’s all about, getting your community together to be thankful for all the great things we have in life and sometimes take for granted. I’m proud of all the staff and students who worked hard to prepare and serve the meal, and even prouder of the way our community came in today to see just how great our school is, and how wonderful our families are.”

1,114 plates might have been served, but there were ten times as many smiles. And a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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