FHSD Celebrates Black History Month

Posted on 02/01/2019
Black History Month

FHSD celebrates Black History Month during the month of February. Students are participating in a variety of activities, lesson plans, research projects, and more to learn about the influence of African American figures and events in our country’s history. Below is a list of what District schools have planned throughout the month:

Kindergarten students across FHSD will learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy in a variety of books and videos.

First Grade:
First grade students in FHSD will spend time researching a variety of famous African Americans, including Rosa Parks and Jackie Robinson. They will learn about the struggles they overcame and how they paved the way for equality in the United States.

Second Grade:
Second grade students will learn about primary and secondary resources while researching Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They will have an opportunity to listen to recordings of speeches, read his letters, and hear narratives from a variety of people who were close to him during his life. The students will learn the challenges Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked to overcome and how he used peaceful protests as a way to educate others.

Third Grade:
Students will focus on the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. and his important contributions to our society. Students will think about how our country would be different today if Martin Luther King Jr. hadn’t been born. Students will take part in a constructive process for resolving conflicts and analyze peaceful resolutions.

Fourth Grade:
Students in fourth grade will study a variety of famous African Americans from Missouri who made significant contributions to our state. They will learn about the challenges they had to overcome in order to achieve success and change.

Fifth Grade:
Students in fifth grade will study famous African Americans and their contributions during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Students will learn about the challenges African Americans faced during the wars and how they were a vital part of the war effort and change agents for the future.

Barnwell Middle School:
The No Place for Hate student committee is planning a variety of activities including a Black Panther movie night at AMC Theater, a tribute to unsung heroes and events in African American history during morning announcements, and a showing of the STEP Documentary. In addition, social studies teachers will be putting up bulletin boards in their respective hallways.

Bryan Middle School:
Character Crew is presenting a Black History Month lesson to the Patriot Times. Student daily announcements will include a spotlight on a prominent African American and their contribution to the culture of the United States.

Francis Howell Middle School:
The eighth graders at FHMS will write an essay that centers on Harriet Tubman’s greatest achievement or the situations of free blacks in the North during the 19th century. Sixth grade is focusing on the country of Africa and will discuss Nelson Mandela. In addition, Character Connection teachers will teach two lessons regarding Black History Month.

Hollenbeck Middle School:
All eighth grade classes will learn about American reforms and abolition of slavery. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about African Americans and their contribution to the cause of abolition.

Saeger Middle School:
During Saeger Middle School’s Spartan Time, students will share a presentation/ video created to highlight various achievements of African Americans. A “gallery walk” will cycle on the televisions in the Library Media Center highlighting notable African Americans and their achievements throughout the month. Saeger Middle will also have another presentation of notable African Americans and achievements looping on the screens during lunches.

Francis Howell High School:
Students will learn about the Civil Rights Movement in ninth grade U.S. History and explore the contributions made by African Americans. They will participate in a webquest activity to learn about the first African American fighter pilot squadron, the Tuskegee Airmen. Students will read about the "Tuskegee Experiment”, the pilots' training, the group's influence on military segregation, and the accomplishments of individual airmen. They will then answer questions and apply this information by assuming the role of a 1940s reporter and writing an editorial in support of military integration.

Students will also use primary resources to look at the Double V Campaign by African Americans during World War II. Lessons will focus on the impact of imperialism in Africa and highlight important historical figures, including Booker T. Washington, WEB DuBois, Elijah McCoy, and George Washington Carver. Students will then complete a Rosa Parks magazine article assignment for the Civil Rights Unit and listen to the “I Have a Dream” speech. Additionally, there will be discussions on the causes and demographic/cultural changes of the Great Migration as part of the 1920’s unit.

Francis Howell Central High School:
At FHC, daily historical facts about African Americans will be shared on the student announcements and on cafe screens. Students will also participate in a weekly spirit day. On Feb. 1, the Missouri History Museum will perform The ACTivist Project Presentation. On Feb. 8, students will lead a staff lunch & learn on Equity. Later this month, students from the Pattonville School District will be presenting “A Live Black History Museum” on Feb. 25.

Francis Howell North High School:
Social studies classes will focus on topics such as the World War II Tuskegee Airmen and the Civil Rights Movement along with civil rights legislation. Students will also discuss important figures in Black History, including Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the Little Rock Nine.

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