Declaration of Responsibilities (Students/Families, FHSD, SCC)

Student/Family Responsibilities:

• All students enrolling in the Early College Program will complete the SCC Academic Skills Assessment as a condition of enrollment.
• Students assume all responsibility to ensure that the courses they take at SCC will fulfill FHSD graduation requirements.
• Students and families are ultimately responsible for their transportation to and from the SCC campus. Bus transportation will be available between each high school campus and SCC, but will not be able to accommodate unique scheduling needs outside of base transportation schedules.
• Students and their families will pay all tuition, fees, and books unless they apply for and qualify for financial assistance.
• Students and families will be responsible for obtaining all textbooks required by SCC instructors, which can be purchased at SCC or online through another source. Students who qualify for financial assistance will have their books purchased by FHSD. At the conclusion of the associated courses, all FHSD-purchased books must be returned to the District.
• Students will follow the SCC academic calendar for their Early College classes and the FHSD academic calendar for their high school classes. There may be times when FHSD and SCC scheduled breaks do not align. Students are still expected to attend all classes that are in session in the event that FHSD and SCC breaks do not align.
• Students will follow both the FHSD Code of Student Conduct and SCC Student Handbook.
• Students are required to maintain 90% attendance and earn grades of “C” or better in all FHSD and SCC classes in order to proceed through and remain in the program. Students who earn a grade of “D” or lower in any class or whose attendance rate falls below 90% may lose eligibility to participate in the Early College Program.
• Students who receive financial assistance must reimburse FHSD for all costs associated with classes that are dropped or not completed.
• Textbooks or other resources purchased by FHSD will remain the property of the District and must be returned to the District at the conclusion of each course.
• Students in all Lanes of the Early College Program may participate in extracurricular activities including sports if they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Francis Howell School District Activities Handbook. Students who are scheduled to miss part or all of a school day in order to participate in an extracurricular event must communicate this their college professors. All other MSHSAA and FHSD eligibility requirements will apply.
• Students must comply with all SCC registration dates and deadlines in order to be eligible to receive credit for courses.
• Students must follow all attendance and accountability procedures as directed by Francis Howell School District officials.

School District Responsibilities:

• Students will have access to their home high school site and all of its resources.
• High school counselors will assist students with selecting high school courses and will advise students on potential application to the Early College Program.
• The Francis Howell School District will ensure that all applicants to the Early College Program have met criteria for acceptance and understand the level of rigor involved with taking college courses while in high school.
• The District will provide basic bus transportation services between each main high school site (FHC, FHHS, FHN) and the campus of SCC. The District will not be able to accommodate special scheduling needs outside of basic offerings.
• The District will provide financial assistance (tuition, fees, and books) for ECP enrollees who participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch program.

College Responsibilities:

• Students will have access to Saint Charles Community College and all of its resources.
• SCC counselors will assist students with registration and selection of Early College Program courses.
• Early College Program courses offered will be taught by SCC instructors who hold faculty status through the college.

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