Alternative Intervention Program

The Alternative Intervention Program (AIP) was instituted by the Francis Howell School District in order to address student substance use and possession related suspensions. The program is intended to serve Level 3 offenses and is only for students who have no other previous drug or alcohol-related offenses. 


The purpose of the Alternative Intervention Program is to provide students who are on a suspension of 45 days the opportunity to complete their studies while addressing the issues which led to their suspension.  This program will incorporate both education and counseling services for the student and the family. The student will in turn shorten their 45-day suspension to no less than 15 days by program involvement and successful completion. 

Referral Process

1) Regular education students who are in violation of the substance use/possession policy of Francis Howell will initially be suspended out of school by their principal for ten days.

2) After the student has been suspended, the principal will refer the student to the Committee on Conduct for a hearing.

3) The Committee on Conduct will review all the circumstances. If it is determined by the Superintendent’s designee that a student will receive a 45-day suspension for substance abuse and/or possession related suspension and there is no other previous drug or alcohol-related offenses, a further recommendation may be for the family to consider participation in the AIP program.

4) Once the recommendation has been made for the student to participate in the Alternative Intervention Program, the student must participate in the activities provided. This participation would hasten the student’s return to school. The student will be assigned a set number of hours that they must satisfactorily complete in the program to reduce the suspension days. The minimum number of hours will be 30, at least ten hours per week for three (3) weeks.

Upon satisfactorily completing the program, the student will be referred by the AIP staff back to their originating school.  Should the student not complete the program in a satisfactory manner, the student will be required to serve the original 45-day suspension.

Requirements of the Program

1) All students who choose to participate in the program will be required to complete their regular classroom assignments for each day that they are in attendance. There will be at least two (2) teachers in the classroom at all times to help students with assignments. These teachers will help gather and return assignments to the home school.  All work from the originating school will come and go through the AIP teacher. The student will receive 100% credit for work completed while in the Alternative Intervention Program.

2) All students who participate in the program will be required to participate in both individual and group counseling. Counseling times are built into the program and do not require additional time c


1) The student will address the specific issue which led to his or her suspension; this being the issue of substance abuse.

2) Students who choose to participate in the program will return to school in a shorter period of time if they are cooperative and successful in the program.

3) Students will have the opportunity to continue their school work and avoid falling further behind as a result of the suspension.

Please Note

  • AIP is intended for first time offenders to the substance abuse policy.
  • AIP is aimed at assisting students in grades 6-12.
  • Program attendance must be 100%.
  • AIP is optional to parents and students.  However, once a student has enrolled, they will be expected to meet the requirements in all program areas.
  • If at any time during program participation the student fails to meet expectations, they will be asked to serve their 45 days and withdraw from the program.
  • The minimum number of hours of participation in this program is 30.  The student who works diligently and participates in all areas of the program as expected should complete within the 30 hours.
  • It is at the discretion of the AIP staff to lengthen the number of days or hours for a student who could benefit through more time in the program. 
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