Preparing for MAP Testing

The Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) testing for students in all Francis Howell schools will take place during the month of April and/or May.  MAP tests are mandated by the state and are intended to help determine what a child knows and is able to do according to the expectations for his or her grade level. Scores on the MAP tests are also used to determine how schools are performing according to state and federal guidelines.

What is the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP)?     

The MAP is a series of tests that measure a child’s performance in school. It is mandated by the state to identify the knowledge, skills, and competencies that Missouri students should acquire by the time they graduate. You can read more about the test format, grade-level expectations and how to interpret your child’s scores and achievement levels on the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Assessment web page.

Why is the MAP important?     

It is a way to finding out if children are learning what they need to learn.  The test will show what your child knows and is able to do according to the expectations for his or her grade level.

What can I do to help my child succeed on these tests?

1.     Attend: Make sure your child is in school on the testing dates.

2.     Rest: Have your child get a good night’s sleep.

3.     Nutrition: Give your child a healthy breakfast to start the day.

What does a MAP test look like?        

Your child’s teacher, school counselor, or the school test coordinator will administer the MAP test. Parents can view sample questions, according to grade level, on DESE’s Student Assessment web page. 

When will my child take the MAP test?

Your school will inform you of the exact dates your child will be tested. If you have questions about the test please contact your school.       

For more information about MAP, please read "MAP Information for Parents."

MAP End-of-Course Assessments

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is requiring the MAP End of Course (EOC) Assessments for Algebra I, Biology, English II, and Government. These assessments will be given to students enrolled in the courses teaching similar content and skills. These tests are not specific to any grade level, but rather to course content. The purposes for the MAP EOC assessments are:

  • Measuring and reflecting student mastery toward post-secondary readiness,
  • Identifying student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Communicating expectations for all students
  • Serving as the basis of state and national accountability plans
  • Evaluating programs

The MAP EOC was created by DESE in an effort to adapt testing to the needs of Missouri districts, schools, teachers, and students while meeting state and federal requirements. Districts may determine which courses best align with the Course Level Expectations being measured and assessed through the MAP EOC, thus giving schools and districts the flexibility to test at the right time.

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