Bus Safety

General Rules for School Bus Safety
  • Always be at least 10 feet away from the bus while waiting for the bus or after disembarking.
  • Students should arrive at their designated bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up. If a student drops something while the bus is present, he or she should tell the bus driver and never try to pick it up. Never run to catch the bus.

Protecting Your Child at a Bus Stop

  • Work with other parents to have children walk to bus stops and wait in groups. Use the “buddy system" whenever possible.
  • Create a Safe Walking Plan with your child using the safest and most direct path to the school bus stop and establish “Safe Houses” along the route to the bus stop that your child can go to if approached while walking to the bus stop.
  • Stay at least ten feet away from the street while waiting for the bus.
  • An adult or authorized person must be present to receive all kindergarten students from the bus.  If an authorized individual is not there, the child will be returned to their school at the conclusion of the route.

When Boarding the Bus

  • Check that shoe laces are tied and both book bag straps are across both shoulders.
  • When the bus approaches, line up in single file and do not walk toward the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the door.
  • Use the handrail to board the bus and go directly to your seat.
  • If it is necessary to cross the street to board the bus, look to the driver.  They will provide a “thumbs up” when it is safe to cross.
  • Always cross the street in front of the bus.

When Inside the Bus

  • Stay seated throughout the entire trip.
  • Talk quietly and do not distract the driver.
  • Ask the driver’s permission to open windows.
  • Keep arms, head and hands away from windows.  

When Leaving the Bus

  • Stay outside the danger zone, keep at least 10 feet away from the bus.
  • Stay where the driver can see at all times.
  • Watch the driver who will give a “thumbs up” when it is safe to cross the street.
  • Cross the street in front of the bus, never behind the bus.
  • Never stop to pick up anything from under the bus.

For more bus safety information, please call the FHSD Transportation Department at 636-851-6220.

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