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Howell of Fame

Established in 1987, the Howell of Fame awards recognize members of the Francis Howell community who have made significant contributions to the District. The award is one of the District’s highest and most prestigious honors, and is designed to recognize volunteers who go above and beyond to serve in our schools and/or facilities. FHSD staff are also eligible for the award if they have contributed to their school or the District beyond their regular job responsibilities.

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Howell of Fame Ceremony 2022

attendees at the howell of fame ceremony
dr. lucas lammers and teacher of the year kristen johnson
mike hoehn and wife
howell of fame winner and jennifer simpson hug at the ceremony
Eagle's Wings and Central Elementary staff members
attendees at howell of fame ceremony
lisa kendall and lisa simpkins hug at the ceremony
dr. nathan hoven and officer barry bayles
lisa simpkins presents a support staff of the year award to kenda herberts
alicia arter receives support staff of the year award
the 2022 howell of fame winners stand together with their awards
Dr. Natatie DeWeese presents awards to Harvest Ridge staff members
Dr. Kirsteen Johnson presents awards to FHMS staff members
Dr. Dave Wedlock presents awards to FHHS staff members
howell of fame awards display on a table

Past Howell of Fame Winners