Barnwell Students Yield a Great Return in Stock Market Game

Posted on 01/13/2017
Barnwell Students Yield a Great Return in Stock Market Game

The Stock Market Game is an online simulation of global economic markets, and students at Barnwell Middle School are seeing the dividends. It’s an opportunity for students to prepare themselves for financially independent futures.

The successful team, called the “The Scented Napkins,” was comprised of three seventh grade girls from the Barnwell
Spectra program: Natalie Stevens, Abbie Carpenter, and Katie McNevin. It’s their second year participating in the Stock Market Game, and their newly-gained experience has them looking like blue chip stocks. They placed second in the region, and fifth in the state, in the Stock Market Game.

Heather Tomicich is the Spectra teacher at Barnwell, and she couldn’t be more proud of her students. “
The girls ended up with a total equity of $115,874.96,” Tomicich said. “Some of their big-name stocks that they went with were Office Depot (making them approximately $3,900) and PetroQuest Energy (making them approximately $2,100). Their number one investment – in which they purchased 5,000 shares – jumped from $3.63 to $6.92 in five days. Since they will be participating again next year, they decided not to share this stock’s ticker.”

As with most occupations, a prosperous financier must be a self-starter. A successful person doesn’t wait for someone to tell them how to achieve success; they put it upon themselves to learn how. And that’s what helped make Carpenter, Stevens, and McNevin so capable at this enterprise. “The Scented Napkins were off and ready to begin participating in the Stock Market Game before I even told them the start date,” Tomicich said. “The girls had many things going for them to help the team be successful – researching different kinds of stocks, looking at the chart history, and taking a few risks.”

Risk is certainly a part of the stock market, but educated bravery was not the most important skill developed. Tomicich explained. “The most important thing that the girls had going for them was being willing to compromise,” she said. “This is a very important life skill that I try to instill in the Spectra students. In the future, you will have to work with people that don’t always see eye to eye with you. You have to be willing to hear their perspective and somehow come to an agreement. It seemed to work very well with the Scented Napkins. I am so proud of all their effort and hard work!”

These skills transcend the classroom, as well; these students can share their newfound financial acumen with their families. In fact, that may have contributed to the team’s success. Tomicich said, “Natalie’s sister, Corinne, attends Francis Howell North, and she had participated in the Stock Market Game when she was in Spectra and attended Barnwell. (Corinne) won two years in a row with the SMG competition with her teams.”

The Stock Market Game may be a simulation, but the financial skills learned by these students are very real, and will help them in the future.

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