Youth Spectator Guidelines

All students and children currently enrolled in the eighth grade and younger must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult to be admitted to or remain at the event.  We expect students and children to remain under the supervision of the adult that they are attending the event with.

​Youth spectators as described above will not be admitted to the stadium without a designated adult. Any youth spectators without a designated adult will be held outside the stadium until their parents come to pick them up or accompany them into the game.

​Accompanying adults are asked to maintain diligent supervision of those youth spectators for which they have assumed responsibility the entire contest.  Any youth spectators found to be without adult supervision will be returned to the adult(s) they came to game with.  If their adults are unable to be found, they will be held outside the stadium until a responsible adult comes to pick them up or accompany them back to the game.

Sportsmanship/Cheering Expectations

For the enjoyment of all, the following expectations for fans, players, and students will be enforced:

  • No student seating on the front row of the bleachers. No standing on the floor

  • Continuous standing in designated areas only

  • No profanity or implied profanity allowed
  • No disrespectful chants including personal remarks directed at players and officials

  • No singling out players by number or name on posters, signs, or chants

  • No disrespectful behaviors to other fans, players, or cheerleaders

  • Cheerleaders will not cross over half-court in basketball games

  • Sportsmanship Banners will be displayed at all schools and appropriate expectations will be explained during public service announcements

  • Cheer for your own team – Not against the other team!

Pre-Game Activities

  • Must be school organized and approved

  • No coolers

  • Faculty members (coaches, sponsors, or administrators) must do all cooking unless it is provided by an outside source (vendor, food trucks, etc.)

  • Must be in a designated area set up by the Administration

Dress Code at Outside Events

Since a major part of Education Based Athletics is that we are an extension of the classroom, students will not be allowed to attend games without proper attire, students cannot be shirtless (males) or in sports bras (females) to wear body paint. Face paint is allowed along as long as the student’s identity is recognizable.


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