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Facilities Committee

The purpose of the committee shall be to provide an organized structure that will assist the Francis Howell School District Facilities and Operations department with facilities oversight and ensure community involvement (externally and internally) in Francis Howell’s facility plans. The Committee will:

  1. Monitor facilities projects and their relationship to the various facilities budgets;
  2. Provide affirmation/verification of the prioritization of projects, changes to the scope of major capital improvement projects, and long range facilities plans of the Francis Howell School District;
  3. Provide a medium for the dissemination of facilities information and materials to the community relative to the Francis Howell School District and its long range facilities plans;
  4. Provide consultation and guidance to the Facilities and Operations department on matters relating to minor and major capital improvement projects and perform other review and recommendation functions as requested by the department; and
  5. All decisions/recommendations provided by the committee will be student focused and department friendly.