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Health & Wellness

Good health enhances your student's ability to learn. School nursing has grown to meet student need, and involves much more than dispensing hugs and band-aids. Nurses address issues that face our students and assist teachers to enable our students the best learning experience.

Duties of School Nurses:

  • Direct student care
  • Assessing student health needs
  • Providing in-service training for staff and students
  • Conducting mandatory health screenings
  • Overseeing maintenance of student health and immunization records
  • Administering medication; providing emergency first aid to students and staff
  • Working with the Department of Health in the control of communicable diseases.

Keep Your Student's Health Information Up-to-Date:

  • Fill out the K-12 Student Health Form at the beginning of each school year. Please keep your school nurse updated on your child's health status, such as surgeries, medications, illnesses/diseases, new diagnoses, or other conditions that may affect your child's school performance.
  • Contact your school to update your student's emergency information with current names and telephone numbers
  • Certain health conditions may require an Individual Health (IHP) for the safety and well being of your child. Contact your school nurse if you believe your child may benefit from this plan.
  • Students with potentially life-threatening health conditions require an Emergency Medical Plan (EMP) to be in place before they may attend school. Please contact your school nurse if you have questions.

Student Health Form

Keep your student's health records up-to-date by filling out the annual K-12 Student Health Form.

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Contact Us

For questions or concerns, please contact your school's nurse or the District Nurse Coordinator Barbara Brommelhorst at 636-851-5274.