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Student Services

The Student Services team helps connect students with resources both within the Francis Howell School District and in the local community. Student Services works to support our students’ mental health and well-being and ensures all students have access to extracurricular activities that meet their interests. This team also ensures compliance with Title IX and assists with student discipline issues.

The District has processes in place for student conduct. When these expectations are not followed, the committee on conduct may need to review the student's conduct.

View the Francis Howell School District Code of Student Conduct

Committee on Conduct Hearings

A Committee on Conduct hearing will be held prior to the implementation of any out of school suspension of more than ten (10) school days. The Committee on Conduct hearing shall consist of the hearing officer, the principal/designee and other building or district personnel when deemed necessary. The student and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will be afforded an opportunity to appear at the Committee on Conduct hearing. The hearing will be held during the student's initial ten (10) school day suspension. Attorneys are not permitted to attend Committee on Conduct hearings (other than a parent/guardian who is an attorney and is in attendance with their own child). Recording devices are not permitted in Committee on Conduct hearings unless it is necessary to accommodate a parent’s/guardian’s disability. Notification of the need to use a recording device as an accommodation must be received by the Student Services Department at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing.

A student who is suspended out of school for more than ten (10) days by the superintendent’s designee may, within ten (10) days of receiving notice of such suspension, request an appeal of the Committee on Conduct decision to the Superintendent of Schools if they have information they believe was not considered in the hearing. Such a request must be received in the office of the Superintendent prior to 4:30 p.m. on the date the request for appeal is due. Attorneys are not permitted to attend the appeal meeting with the Superintendent of Schools.

If the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) disagrees with the decision of the Superintendent of Schools, a request can be made for a hearing before the Board of Education. A student who requests such a hearing will be notified in writing of the charges against the student; the time, date and location of the hearing; and the student’s right to be represented by counsel, to call and cross-examine witnesses, and to present other evidence in the student’s defense. View the District Student Code of Conduct.

Special Education (Students with Disabilities) Discipline Provision
Students currently receiving special education services will be disciplined in accordance with state and federal mandates. In cases where students with disabilities are recommended for a Committee on Conduct hearing, and the results of that hearing include a suspension over 10 school days, a Manifestation Determination meeting will be held to determine whether or not the infraction was related to the student’s disability following a Committee on Conduct hearing.

Extended Suspensions
If the Committee on Conduct determines that a student will receive an extended suspension, in most circumstances the District is able to offer one of two options for students to continue attending school while suspended.  

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Director of Student Services

Dr. Robert Gaugh
Principal, Francis Howell Union High School
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